Reflection on the movie ” Freedom Writers”

TeachNow_Love_Pinterest1 Without a doubt the movie is truly moving. It portrays different shades of a teacher’s life that involves reality of student’s background, the role of the school administration and staff, the impact of the surrounding people and more of the contrasting colors and hectic hues of the character’s changes of personality in different scenes. People in all walks of life could surely relate to the theme that back-boned the whole movie, Love. maxresdefault I caught different aspects from the movie where I want to focus my reflection. These are rooted from the theme I grasped as stated above. First, a teacher should always “teach with a heart”.


It’s not just happiness, It is joy!

Successful teaching must be a passion. I say “always teach with a heart” because teaching will be evermore challenging. In our humanist, we may sometimes get weary and the burning desire to teach might somehow waver but if we put our heart into what we do we can always find strength to move forward. There will be a lot of difficult times just like what Erin Gruwell went through. She does not have enough budgets. Her father is against her job. There were events where her husband did not anymore understand her dedication to help her students, the staff will not lend her the material needed for her class, Some of her-co teachers does not even give hope that her students could pass high school and her students does not even participate in her class. to-teach-is-to-touch-lives-v1 However, if a teacher is passionate enough, He could obtain the competencies in order to be not just effective but as well efficient and to stand for what is right. Erin Gruwell did not stop wearing her father’s necklace but even match it with the best suit she could wear every day. This is because in her heart she believed in her student’s goodness even before seeing them. images (1) Second, teachers should know the learner’s need.  All humans need love. This is the most poignant and valuable thing we have in common with everyone else. It was through love that despite his disagreement on her daughters profession,  Erin Gruwell’s father still  helps her in sending the students to the holocaust museum for them to realize that they were “not only the youngsters who were ever under siege”.  The students were indeed captivated with everything they saw; it was exactly what they needed to know thus, paved the way for Erin Gruwell to easily motivate them of a brighter future. images (2) Lastly, In an Adventist perspective, let love prevail in our hearts no matter what happens because God is love ( 1st John 4:8). It is my firm belief that in and for God all things will work together for good. However, some people, In times of failure tend to forget the word “chance”, the word forgive when “hurt” and let gloom darkened even their very soul. A certain quote says “thoughts and feelings combine makes up the character” this perhaps explains why there are really people who doomed their selves in meaningless yet privileged life. As a teacher this is a very thing we should take into consideration. We should apply this not just on how we deal the students but as well with our selves. Erin Gruwell’s divorce was totally devastating. It is apparently excruciating for her. She did wallowed in too much agony for the man she thought would love her till death eventually gave up on her due to her passion to help her students. Nevertheless, she did not show it to her class. Still, it was love that prevailed in her heart; not to burden her students of what she is going through. It was love for her students that empowered her to move on and gain success in making almost impossible changes in the lives of the students and in the school. It was her father’s love that encourage her to pursue her dreams no matter what. tumblr_n1iid7zNPR1sym2bco1_500 It might have been hard for Mrs. Gruwell but she did overcome and was victorious. Indeed, success entails sacrifices but the price is totally worth it. What is one person compared to a whole class anyway. Although I am not putting aside the fact that she did have failures, but a man of principle, in circumstances such as mentioned, should really be given in-depth understanding. Therefore, Let us entrust to God everything and do what we can. Our heavenly Father is almighty! Teaching may seem too much to bear but with God in us “nothing is impossible!”(Luke 1:37) il_fullxfull.151024164 (Pictures are taken from google)


Our School Chairperson at Mountain View College Dr. Gemini Fancubit Asok


With my best friends with same mission and vocation- to teach. LadylynLloren Butalid and Darlene Caliso

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