Foremost, I thank our Almighty Father for this courage He gave me to do blogging.
        Jesus is my ultimate inspiration and He will always be.

Yes! I do have this blazing desire for writing. I am not sure though  when it exactly started but, I think it was somewhere in my younger years (grade 5 or grade 6), and those were the times when I was exposed to public schools’ regional quizbees/competitions. I was amazed on how students from other schools of  my same age speaks English fluently. From then on, I dream to speak and write like a real American but of course with the correct grammar usage .

I was blessed to experience being in Nanuri International School (not to brag)  where my English skill was enhanced.

But ever since, I’ve always been struggling with the feeling of incompetence. To make matters even worse, I reached college and took Education major in English. People’s expectations pressured me so much. I tried to use English in my daily conversation with friends who understand my English addictions (Butch, Darlene, CEM, etc) . However, my writing skill was regressing because I was always afraid that people would surely remember  what I have written and in the same way, remember my errors/mistakes. Although I’ve always wanted to join our school paper in college (Mountain View College) but I never had the chance because my fear of committing mistakes put me behind bars.

there is a powerful driving force inside every human being that once unleased can make any vision dream or desire a reality copy

Then just today, God send me a friend who inspired me to take the risk. She is an avid blogger actually. Just like what one of her articles says, she did help me make my dream turn to reality — to express and share my writing publicly. I call her “clouds” but our circle of friends fondly call her Sky. Her real name is Babie Sarah Ladeza and i’d like to invite  you to visit her and her upcoming blog;

Well, it is indeed true that no one becomes an instant expert. Being successful doesn’t happen overnight but it needs courage, constant practice of the right principles  and persistence. So yeah, I shouldn’t be pessimistic and ruminate on being teased/criticized  because of my grammar errors .Rather, I should take it as stepping stones to be better. 🙂

Also, I should not forget to mention my sweet loving sister in my workplace, April Suison. Thank you for cheering me up and for helping me start this blogging life

the right way.

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        Yes! I do pray that this will bless others in a good way.

So guys here I am, ready to share to you anything under the sun. From A-Z as long as it is for God’s glory!

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As well, I am inviting you to enjoy the world of blogging/writing with me.

Hello dear readers,  thank you much for giving time to read my article 🙂  I will surely appreciate your comments .  May God bless you more 🙂

🙂 (All pictures are not mine, I just uploaded it from Google 🙂