“That day; a lifetime memory”

A seventeen-year-old senior high school student awarded by the president of the Philippines! Praise be to God!

That once in a lifetime opportunity left me rich memories to share. It started when our school’s coordinator for the Girl Scout of the Philippines approached me with an offer to be a candidate for the Chief Girl Scout Medal Scheme Award (CGMS). As stated by the Girl Scout of the Philippines Program, “This scheme is built on the Girl Scout’s concept of developing the total girl, making her well-rounded in all aspects – spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and social…highlights the Senior and Cadet Girl Scouts’ responsibility as inspired by the Chief Girl Scout… recognize Senior Girl Scouts, who meet the criteria for outstanding service to their community… emphasizing on the girl’s discipline, perseverance and the development of her sense of responsibility towards herself and the community’’.

My heart thrilled upon hearing such a wonderful privilege. Since I already witnessed the activities that one of my classmates did who successfully received the same award, I eagerly accepted the proposal. In lined with my responsibility, I decided to conduct a feeding program for my project as part of my role in community development. After I implemented my project for a year, time for the evaluation arrived. Assigned Girl Scout superintends from the national council assessed my reports, inspected my beneficiaries, and interviewed the barangay health workers and my fellow girl scouts who supported me in my endeavors.

During those moments, millions of butterflies seemed to surge in my stomach. At last, after an hour of critical deliberation, they revealed the result. I made it! I passed! Oh how much I thanked all that supported my efforts.

Excitement filled my heart as I anticipated my first trip to Manila. What I pictured above all the places in the itinerary was the legendary palace of my country, the Malacañang. Not everyone can enter inside even just the strict-guarded gate of that mansion.

The most awaited day came. We lined up going towards the royal stairs to the Rizal hall. Amidst all the instruction to maintain formality, yet both teachers and students buzzed with amusement. All are delighted in each sight and moment. Upon seeing the huge hall, I whispered to myself, wow! I say in amazement, stunned by the magnificent elegance of the gigantic place illuminated by the vintage beauty of the largest wood and glass chandeliers I had ever seen so far (on that age). I gazed on it, captured as much memory of its splendor as possible. So just also, think of its ceiling’s dimension with that kind of chandeliers hanging on it. Since we still waited for the program to start our chaperone gave us enough time to go to the comfort room. Of course, even if I didn’t feel like urinating I still went with the other girls just to see what it looks like. “As in? “grabe”! (really? superb!) I reacted as I entered the comfort room. Its length equates that of the hall. My friends and I even agreed on the funny fact that we can sleep on its very clean floor. My mind wandered as I roamed in all possible corridors as I could until the very last minute given to us. I thought of the possible events occurred in the palace until it directed me to the spooky thoughts of ghost tales. However, I reassured myself of God’s presence and continued my adventure. In my limited escapade and continued to walk around, I stopped in front of the closed windows of the hall’s veranda. The scene I saw showed the old 20 Philippine peso bill’s reverse side, It was actually the Malacañang palace’s back structure and not the front. I stood on that portion overlooking the Pasig river with smiles playing on my lips.

Then the program started, we sat on each assigned upholstered benches by region and waited for our name to be called. When the lady of the ceremony called my name I felt an ecstasy of happiness, much more when I came face to face with the president of the Philippines herself; awarding me the CGMS medal of recognition for a job well done.

Nevertheless, the surprises continued with luscious food prepared for us in the foyer just below the ceremonial hall. Then we relished on taking pictures with new found friends and acquaintance in the glamorous wall of the hallways, and even in the garden on our way out.

It had been quite a day, a splendid one! I will surely remember that experience for the rest of my life! To such great opportunity, my gratefulness overflowed to God.

Poem 1: A pleasure and a torture

There are things we do that seems so good but deep within us knows, it’s not

Events like these even happens more than once, but

Same thing is felt in each of our heart

Although at the moment it feels alright

But there is always that guilt inside

At the same time it’s both a pleasure and a torture

This affects even our unpredictable future

Various individual goes through such experience

But only few regained their common sense

Some diverted their decision makings

Others did not choose a new beginning

Or maybe they just didn’t know the greatest hope of all

that even the darkest sin can be cleanse as white as snow

as long true repentance to GOD they will show

in thoughts, in words, in everything they do

And now my friend how about you?

have you thought of an enemy to be in pain

for all the difficulties through him you have gained?

Yes, I can relate with that..

In our humanist, we desire to avenge ourselves

But what really is the right thing to do?

This question so long I have asked too..

Fortunately God answered me one day

He told me, Look to Jesus and be satisfied with me.

God says

Romans 12:17-21 ESV

Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all. If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” To the contrary, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Romans 12:19 ESV 

Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

May this be a comfort to all of us 🙂

My Perspective on the Bible

One-thing-I-need-to-remember-daily-is-to-not-worry-about-grasping-what-is-out-of-my-reach-but-to-hold-on-to-what-God-has-already-placed-in-my-hands-and-use-it-for-His-glory.Since I was still on my younger days, I have always known the bible as the word of God. However, as I grew more mature, I came to know that there are actually different authors of the bible moved by the Holy Spirit of the Lord. If I need my parents instruction as a young adult, how much more necessary it is for me to sit with God, talk to Him in prayer and listen to His words through the bible. As Timothy 3:16 says the bible is “profitable for teaching, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteous”. It can make us wise unto salvation, and the word is able to save our souls (2 Timothy 3:15; James 1:21). Through it, God teaches me what I need to know. As I grow older it helps me distinguish what I need to reject and refute; what I must turn away from and avoid; what I should consider in my life and duties with respect to God and man.

Moreover, reading and knowing about it are two correlated factors that greatly affect one’s understanding on its content. As well, another aspect to consider is the fact that reading may vary depending on the mood of the reader which also results to how a reader understands it.

whatever-you-doIn my own experience, I am honestly struggling with my bible reading habit. First, because I am not consistent in reading it and, my interest on it also fluctuates. This leads to the second reason which is superficial understanding on that certain verse or chapter I read. Although, this does not always happen to me but this has become one of the huge challenges in my spiritual life. Nevertheless, knowing about the bible fuels my interest to read. It also makes my reading experience more meaningful and lasting.

Before, I usually plainly read my bible without much understanding on the deeper content of the passage. Yes, I do remember few verses or sometimes simply the thought of the chapter. Then on the following day, I do the same and get equal on the interest I put into my reading. Fortunately, God enlightened me through the sermons I have heard, bible subjects I have taken and articles I have read that there is actually art in reading His word. There is a proper and better ways for me to understand God’s word. According to Ellen White in “Messages to young People” It is not enough to read the scriptures in a casual way without seeking to comprehend Christ’s lesson that “I” may comply with His requirements. There are treasures in the word of God that can be discovered only by sinking the shaft deep into the mine of truth.

So I gave myself a try to change my bible reading life. I pray first before opening my bible. I would ask God to empty me of my temporal thoughts and help me understand His words for what it really wants to convey. Indeed, it works! The verses appear so differently and is more soul penetrating this time. But of course that moment does not happen overnight. It needs devotion, genuine commitment and sacrifice. Just like every other things, enough time is needed to understand an idea.

Although, bible stories seemed simple but in it are an imbedded treasures of God’s holy word. It needs a heart empty of worldly intelligence and sole focus on God’s love to internalize and grasp its real message beyond the literal lines it states. Furthermore, the stories in the bible become more captivating when I knew the different background of the book or the chapter. Like when I learn of their culture, the life of the author, and the historical context of the place and the passage, the significant role of each character stated on the chapter, the original word meanings, its language origin, and in this subject I also found out more aspects of the bible that illuminated the light of God’s word to my very soul. It feels like “the more I knew the more I do not know”, thus, it expands my interest on the bible subject into a wider horizon.  It is such an amazing moment to experience a deeper understanding on a certain event of the bible or a passage.

However this moment does not happen always. Sometimes, I do lack the guidance of the Holy Spirit because it cannot fully impress me due to the exciting stories that have filled my carnal mind. I take too much dose of some mind-blowing literatures, stories that ignited my “hypothalamus” and moved me too emotionally.  I read some articles that ignited my wildest imagination and snatched away my interest towards bible reading.

This has reminded me of reality that everything should be put to correct practice to make it a habit and eventually be form into character; that I need to discipline myself and “resolutely discard all trashy reading” so that my mind would not be interrupted with my perverted views. There are also some circumstances that hinder me to read my bible diligently. Like when I will be bombarded with a lot of requirements and responsibilities either at home or at school. I hate this reason but in my humanist it as something I just cannot easily overcome. This has become one of the things I have been working on to be changed in myself. This has also been my prayer to God.

I do not want to be in both extremes of either too complacent or too strict on my reading.  Well, it should not be, so to speak. As I continue on my journey with God I also pray that I could regularly, systematically, diligently, prayerfully and reverently read my bible.

God says in Philippians 4: 13, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. So even if there will be challenges in my spiritual life, I know God never fails on His promise. As long as I hold and constantly behold Him, I will improve my bible reading; my whole life. I am firmly saying this because I believe in God and in His words.

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Reflection on the movie ” Freedom Writers”

TeachNow_Love_Pinterest1 Without a doubt the movie is truly moving. It portrays different shades of a teacher’s life that involves reality of student’s background, the role of the school administration and staff, the impact of the surrounding people and more of the contrasting colors and hectic hues of the character’s changes of personality in different scenes. People in all walks of life could surely relate to the theme that back-boned the whole movie, Love. maxresdefault I caught different aspects from the movie where I want to focus my reflection. These are rooted from the theme I grasped as stated above. First, a teacher should always “teach with a heart”.


It’s not just happiness, It is joy!

Successful teaching must be a passion. I say “always teach with a heart” because teaching will be evermore challenging. In our humanist, we may sometimes get weary and the burning desire to teach might somehow waver but if we put our heart into what we do we can always find strength to move forward. There will be a lot of difficult times just like what Erin Gruwell went through. She does not have enough budgets. Her father is against her job. There were events where her husband did not anymore understand her dedication to help her students, the staff will not lend her the material needed for her class, Some of her-co teachers does not even give hope that her students could pass high school and her students does not even participate in her class. to-teach-is-to-touch-lives-v1 However, if a teacher is passionate enough, He could obtain the competencies in order to be not just effective but as well efficient and to stand for what is right. Erin Gruwell did not stop wearing her father’s necklace but even match it with the best suit she could wear every day. This is because in her heart she believed in her student’s goodness even before seeing them. images (1) Second, teachers should know the learner’s need.  All humans need love. This is the most poignant and valuable thing we have in common with everyone else. It was through love that despite his disagreement on her daughters profession,  Erin Gruwell’s father still  helps her in sending the students to the holocaust museum for them to realize that they were “not only the youngsters who were ever under siege”.  The students were indeed captivated with everything they saw; it was exactly what they needed to know thus, paved the way for Erin Gruwell to easily motivate them of a brighter future. images (2) Lastly, In an Adventist perspective, let love prevail in our hearts no matter what happens because God is love ( 1st John 4:8). It is my firm belief that in and for God all things will work together for good. However, some people, In times of failure tend to forget the word “chance”, the word forgive when “hurt” and let gloom darkened even their very soul. A certain quote says “thoughts and feelings combine makes up the character” this perhaps explains why there are really people who doomed their selves in meaningless yet privileged life. As a teacher this is a very thing we should take into consideration. We should apply this not just on how we deal the students but as well with our selves. Erin Gruwell’s divorce was totally devastating. It is apparently excruciating for her. She did wallowed in too much agony for the man she thought would love her till death eventually gave up on her due to her passion to help her students. Nevertheless, she did not show it to her class. Still, it was love that prevailed in her heart; not to burden her students of what she is going through. It was love for her students that empowered her to move on and gain success in making almost impossible changes in the lives of the students and in the school. It was her father’s love that encourage her to pursue her dreams no matter what. tumblr_n1iid7zNPR1sym2bco1_500 It might have been hard for Mrs. Gruwell but she did overcome and was victorious. Indeed, success entails sacrifices but the price is totally worth it. What is one person compared to a whole class anyway. Although I am not putting aside the fact that she did have failures, but a man of principle, in circumstances such as mentioned, should really be given in-depth understanding. Therefore, Let us entrust to God everything and do what we can. Our heavenly Father is almighty! Teaching may seem too much to bear but with God in us “nothing is impossible!”(Luke 1:37) il_fullxfull.151024164 (Pictures are taken from google)


Our School Chairperson at Mountain View College Dr. Gemini Fancubit Asok


With my best friends with same mission and vocation- to teach. LadylynLloren Butalid and Darlene Caliso

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Let go! and Let God :)

048418e8cad24d9ed382395b11ea76f7 Wherever we may be in life, challenges are ever-present. All we just need to do is to “take it to the Lord in prayer” . That line of song may always be sang in some churches but reality shows only very few are putting it into action. Which sometimes includes me to the latter. Today I just want to share a simple reminder. The logic is absolutely so simple. Worry does not give us any good. So let us stop worrying or let me say it this way, ” Let us all remind each other to stop groaning on what we are presently suffering because after all “this world is not our home and we are just passing through”. Let us live life to the fullest for God’s glory. Give-God-The-Glory Well I believe one way to hoist oneself is to encourage others. And yes! Indeed, the joy and courage that crept in me as I started to write this for all of us is unexplainable. God says in Isaiah 41:10 ” Fer thou not; for I am with thee; be not dismayed; for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. images So my friends out there who seem to lost track of what they are chasing for .. Remember God never fails, all  you need is believe! .. I hope this reminders blessed you 🙂 tumblr_n1iid7zNPR1sym2bco1_500

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 Foremost, I thank our Almighty Father for this courage He gave me to do blogging.
        Jesus is my ultimate inspiration and He will always be.

Yes! I do have this blazing desire for writing. I am not sure though  when it exactly started but, I think it was somewhere in my younger years (grade 5 or grade 6), and those were the times when I was exposed to public schools’ regional quizbees/competitions. I was amazed on how students from other schools of  my same age speaks English fluently. From then on, I dream to speak and write like a real American but of course with the correct grammar usage .

I was blessed to experience being in Nanuri International School (not to brag)  where my English skill was enhanced.

But ever since, I’ve always been struggling with the feeling of incompetence. To make matters even worse, I reached college and took Education major in English. People’s expectations pressured me so much. I tried to use English in my daily conversation with friends who understand my English addictions (Butch, Darlene, CEM, etc) . However, my writing skill was regressing because I was always afraid that people would surely remember  what I have written and in the same way, remember my errors/mistakes. Although I’ve always wanted to join our school paper in college (Mountain View College) but I never had the chance because my fear of committing mistakes put me behind bars.

there is a powerful driving force inside every human being that once unleased can make any vision dream or desire a reality copy

Then just today, God send me a friend who inspired me to take the risk. She is an avid blogger actually. Just like what one of her articles says, she did help me make my dream turn to reality — to express and share my writing publicly. I call her “clouds” but our circle of friends fondly call her Sky. Her real name is Babie Sarah Ladeza and i’d like to invite  you to visit her blogwww.babiesarahladeza.wordpress.com and her upcoming blog; sugbu.ph.

Well, it is indeed true that no one becomes an instant expert. Being successful doesn’t happen overnight but it needs courage, constant practice of the right principles  and persistence. So yeah, I shouldn’t be pessimistic and ruminate on being teased/criticized  because of my grammar errors .Rather, I should take it as stepping stones to be better. 🙂

Also, I should not forget to mention my sweet loving sister in my workplace, April Suison. Thank you for cheering me up and for helping me start this blogging life

the right way.

images (1)

        Yes! I do pray that this will bless others in a good way.

So guys here I am, ready to share to you anything under the sun. From A-Z as long as it is for God’s glory!

give the gloryil_340x270.622133809_dk34

As well, I am inviting you to enjoy the world of blogging/writing with me.

Hello dear readers,  thank you much for giving time to read my article 🙂  I will surely appreciate your comments .  May God bless you more 🙂

🙂 (All pictures are not mine, I just uploaded it from Google 🙂